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Washer and Dryer Repair

Appliance Repair Pros provides repair work services on all major brand names on residential laundry equipment. If you need washing equipment repair work or dryer repair work we’ll be there to get the repair done right!

Laundry Appliance Repair Services San Diego

Laundry Appliance San Diego

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If you washing machine is leaking, not filling or just making strange sounds, or not doing the job it’s suppose to do, call us for one or our expert technicians to come out and help you with your washer dryer repair work.

Should your dryer not be drying your clothes properly, is squealing, it is costing you money to not get this repaired. Simply think of the quantity of time that it is required to dry out a load of clothes. Factor in what that expense is by the increase of time for your gas or electrical power. It would be more cost effective in the long term to have one of our licensed techs service your dryer and get it running correctly again.

Appliance Repair Pros Washer and Dryer Solutions include:


  • Service and repair work on all washer and dryer brand names and models.
  • Routine upkeep, service and cleaning.
  • Motor Replacement.
  • Drain Pump Replacement.
  • Water Line cleaning or replacement.
  • Full diagnostic testing of washer and dryer devices.

Call Appliance Repair Pros San Diego for all your washer dryer repair work needs!

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